Thursday, August 9, 2012

Turnigy Talon V2: Part 6, Improved Electronics Mounting

Next, I decided to improve the mounting method for the receiver and make room for a Spektrum TM1000 telemetry unit. Telemetry is a great thing to have with an electric aircraft- you can keep an eye on battery voltage to make the best use of your flight time. In order for the TM1000 to transmit your flight pack voltage level, you need to tap the battery somewhere upstream of your ESC's or other electronics. The Hobbyking Quadrotor power distribution board has a nice voltage tap that works great for this purpose. I used a servo lead off of a fried servo for a connector. I pulled off of the signal line to leave just the black and red wires on the servo cable. A JST connector would probably work as well.

quadrotor power board TM1000 voltage tap hookup
To fit the extra TM1000 (and remote receiver) I chose to extend the mounting screws. I couldn't find any 4/40 screws longer than 1.5", so I purchased some 4/40 x 3" threaded rod.

Talon V2 top plate with threaded rod installed

Power Distribution Board and Flight Control Board installed. Note rubber grommets above and below FC board

Receivers and TM1000 velcro'd to plastic cut into squares (from food packaging) ziptied to threaded rods

Top view of Receiver, TM1000 Mounting

Installed on the Talon V2

Mess 'o' wires!

I wasn't happy with the home made aluminum landing gear, switched back to the 600 heli landing gear.

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