Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Solder Fume Extractor

I was tired of breathing in solder fumes- especially when soldering lots, and lots of connections for the various multi-rotors I've been working on. I didn't want to pay the $50 or whatever ready made fume extractors have been selling for, so I repurposed a 12v computer fan, 12v wall-wart and a new-work steel duplex box I had laying around.

I tried using some carbon foam filter left over from an old window AC unit, but it restricted the airflow too much. I mostly just wanted to suck the solder fumes down and away from my face when I'm soldering, so even without a filter it works great for this purpose. The computer fan is also very nice- almost totally silent and moves plenty of air. 

New-Work Square Steel Box in vise- tracing out zone to cut out with a sharpie

Sharpie marks the circle to cut out of box

Cutting with a metal cutoff saw in the dremel

Finished Rough Cut

Circle Trimmed Out, be sure to file down all the sharp edges!

The Size M DC power jack is for a left-over 12v "wall wart", and a SPST switch to turn it on and off

Box clamped in vice, holes drilled for the power jack and on/off switch

Components trial fit in box

Primed box

Box painted, Components installed & soldered in place

Ready for use!


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