Thursday, May 27, 2010

Speedwing Ready for Flight

When it was pouring rain on Tuesday night I finished up the speedwing. It turns out there were multiple cold solder joints in the motor to ESC connectors. I ended up re-soldering all of the motor connectors and a couple of the ESC connectors. It works like a dream now, no skipping or hesitations at any throttle setting.

I also added a velcro hold-down strap for the back of the canopy- I felt the magnets I had initially used didn't have enough hold-down strength. I don't want the canopy flying off at 150 mph and getting chopped into little pieces by the prop. I used two pieces of nylon tubing for pins at the front of the canopy - ala Parkzone's standard canopy hold-down system.

I'm excited to fly it for the first time, hopefully it'll fly well. With any luck it'll fly better than John's Super Stryker.

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