Thursday, May 27, 2010

Morning Ride

I'm trying to move my schedule forward to start riding in the mornings. One of my neighbors has been bugging me to join him on road rides Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30AM. I'm not there quite yet, but this morning I was able to get up a little earlier and get in a 13.4 mile, 17.8 mph average ride.

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This is a nice short route, very scenic with rolling hills. Highway 24 in particular is great, blowing grass fields, white picket fences and horses all make it feel like you are far out in the country.

I'd like to scout out a route slightly longer with more elevation. I know there are some good hills a little farther south west, closer to Lake Minnetonka.

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  1. Nice route. I have been tired the last 2 days from my early morning ride. I guess I need to go to bed earlier...