Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Parkzone Ultra-Micro P-51 first flight

Last Friday in a fit of impulse buying, I picked up a new Parkzone Ultra-Micro P-51. That isn't to say I haven't been thinking about buying one for a long time, but the timing was last minute. Due to weather conditions, racing, and house projects over the weekend I didn't have a chance to fly it until today. After the wind conditions calmed down to only breezy, added to a little peer pressure pushed me over the edge and I decided to do a quick flight off the parking lot out back of our office. Ryan volunteered to take video on my Droid, and here is the fun that resulted!

After a handful of very close calls, and realizing it was just too windy I tried to put it down. The landing was a little harsh, but only minor cosmetic damage resulted. Even with the challenge from the breeze, I can tell this will be a fun airplane to fly. (in calmer conditions!)


  1. That thing is tiny! And fast...

  2. I'll bring it with next time I come to your house. We could fly it off of your deck. I bought a second transmitter to use as a trainer box, so I can let other people try flying any of my planes, then take over if the "trainee" gets out of control.

  3. You should call the trainer box 'TOM'.