Monday, April 5, 2010

More progress on the speedwing

Tonight I spend a lot of time dremeling out servo pockets, battery fuse cavities, etc. Mmm boy does blue foam dust taste good! I had to create a new fuselage canopy, as the original was too short to allow the 4s batteries to fit. I put in a quite long battery location, so I should be able to accommodate just about every 3s and 4s battery I've got.  The 3200 kv motor is up and running as well. This thing should be a monster. Hopefully it'll fly better than John's super-stryker. The blue foam isn't as forgiving as Parkzone's Z-foam, so this might only be good for one hard impact.

The canopy will be hinged or pinned in the front, and attached in the rear via powerful magnets, ala Parkzone's standard procedure.

I'm still not sure where the receiver will go. I might mount it in the top of the canopy, or else carve a pocket for it inside the nosecone. This may post a risk, during a hard crash it could get creamed by the battery.

I think the power wires will run over the top of the battery back to the ESC. I'll probably velcro down the ESC. I'm planning on running fiberglass cloth all the way across the bottom of the wing, and probably over the top except for the battery pocket.

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