Saturday, April 3, 2010

John Forfeits Speed Contest!

Tonight John Forfeited the speed contest by crashing out.

Before the first flight attempt:
Very impressive. Looks fast. John looks happy. This happy expression won't last long!

 For the first flight attempt, John was going to give the plane a good toss, then throttle up the motor- since you hold the aircraft on the bottom, you've got to be careful not to slice up your hand/arm with the prop when you toss it.

For the second attempt, John planned on throttling up the motor, then giving it a good sidearm toss. This technique has worked well for me with my speedwing prototype #1 plus my microwing.

This try didn't end well- the nosecone broke off and one of the control surfaces was pulled from the wing.

Total bummer. Hopefully when I have my speedwing contest entry put together the first flights will end better!


  1. I imagine that the Super-Stryker is undergoing a refit in your top-secret laboratory...

  2. No, I will probably throw some half-assed flying wing into the competition. Where tape and foam is king. Instead of fiberglass, I suggest you use that reinforced tape. The fiberglass just doesn't holdup the way I thought it would. It probably needs a good epoxy resin as oppossed to the Polyurethane.

  3. Good idea. Right now the wing is pretty light, I'd hate to weigh it down too much.

  4. Congrats on taking this round Andy :) Looks like things could really heat up on this competition.

  5. I'm anticipating first flight during the weekend of April 17th...