Tuesday, April 13, 2010

John's 36" Wing

John built a 36" wing using the blu-core fan fold foam. He oriented the natural folds in the raw foam along the leading edge of the wing to produce a very nice looking airfoil. His original configuration had the motor on the leading edge of the wing. The CG was too far forward, and the flight attempts ended in nose-dives and broken props. Then, he took the utility knife and packing tape to the wing, converted it into a pusher and had better luck.

John reinforcing "motor mount" with packing tape

Reconfigured into Pusher Configuration


  1. Were you trying to get the nut shot in that first picture? Versions 2 and 3 are planned for this weekend... Will the speed wing be up?

    I also picked up another pack of bluecore...

  2. I thought some more risque shots would drive some traffic to the blog...

    Are you buying more receivers for this flock of wings?

    I have everything I need to complete the speedwing. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it tonight. Maybe I'll build something else as well...

  3. Actually, you're driving away traffic from your blog!