Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hobbyzone Super Cub - With Floats

I picked up a Super Cub this past weekend instead of an ultra-micro. I immediately installed floats and performed the battery box modification so I could fit my larger 1800 - 2200 mAh LIPOs. I have a Turnigy 35-36c 1100kV motor earmarked for this plane to amp up the power to match Johny K's Super Duper Cub, but I thought I'd at least fly it a few times with a stock power system just to get a feel for it.

 Unfortunately it was fairly windy all weekend, so I didn't get a chance to fly it until last night. Wind conditions were not bad in the protected bay I was flying from, but as soon as the airplane crossed an invisible barrier it would hit the winds blowing across the length of the lake, then it was buffeted around like a ping pong ball in a hot air popper. No video of the maiden flights. I put three batteries through it- not bad for first water take-offs and landings on a new airplane.

  • The stock power system is plenty for getting it off the water and just flying around. Not great for any kind of acrobatics, though- at least with the added weights of the floats. I managed to do a massive tail slide right into the lake because of a nice stall during a loop with insufficient airspeed.
  • The Super Cub is pretty durable. In addition to the big tail slide into the drink, I also snagged a wingtip a couple times and cartwheeled into the water during low level turns when moving from the calm air to the turbulent air. No damage other than snapping the floats back in place. I just paddled the canoe out and grabbed the airplane.
  • It's very confusing to fly a three channel airplane again after getting used to four channel flight. I kept on trying to turn the plane using the left stick when in the pattern or on the ground to no affect. I may have to convert the SuperCub to four channel flight just because of this.


  1. I'll have to get the floats on my cub! Yes, you need a lot of altitude for a loop with floats. It helps to gain speed by putting it in a bit of a dive. Maybe I can finally get in the air this weekend...