Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MendelMax 1.5 Build Log: Part 8, Fixing Extruder

I'm using one of the Greg's Wade Extruder variants, and the small tabs that were meant to keep the filament in alignment with the hobbed bolt broke off. Initially I just used a small piece of plastic jammed into the extruder to keep the filament in line, but that proved to be unreliable. (surprise, surprise) Rather than print out a new extruder idler, I decided to simply drill and tap a hole to mount a 2/56 SHCS as an guide.

Drilling hole for 2/56 screw (0.075" approximate)

Screw Mounted
The screw guide worked great, and totally solved the issues I was having with the filament slipping off of the hobbed bolt and causing a print to fail.

MendelMax 1.5, spool holder mounted and wires cleaned up

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