Thursday, January 3, 2013

Need more Snowbike (riding)

After Christmas I had some time available to do some snow bike riding. Sophie the dog loves the snow bike rides on the lake- tons of great running for her:


Perfect day for a ride out on Mooney Lake
Post Ride Bike Pose
 A few days later, I was able to sneak out to Elm Creek and ride the off road trails. The beginner trail was tough- very rough and tough to stay down the center. The intermediate trail, on the other hand, was in perfect shape- nicely packed down and very ride-able.
Elm Creek Intermediate Loop

Baker Park, Winter Bike Loop
 The Baker Park loop was interesting. There is no off road trails open during the summer in Baker, so being able to ride there in the winter is a nice bonus. The winter trail is just a track that is groomed for skate skiing- so it is wide and fairly hard packed. It's fast, and hilly enough to keep your attention. I'll definitely be coming back, and I'll have to try it after work in the dark.

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