Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mendelmax 1.5 Build Log: Part 3: Flex Couplings

Tonight's activity was to build the flex couplers to link the Z-axis steppers with the acme threaded rod. Rather than purchase a machined flex coupler, or to use a printed coupler, lulzbot.com recommended using a home-made coupler. They recommended using a 5/16" OD x 3/16" ID tube and a 7/16" OD x 5/16" ID tube along with small pipe clamps.

Large Tubing
Small Tubing
Tubes cut to length
Initially I tried a 1.5" long large tube and 0.75" long small tube. I wasn't able to fully insert the small tube into the large tube, so I changed to 0.75" length for both tubes.

Constructed Coupler- about a 1/4" overlap
Coupler Attached to Stepper Shaft
Pipe Clamps Applied
Hot End- Not Quite a fit
X-Slide Trimmed- Hot End Inserted

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