Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st ride of the year

Josh and I had a great ride this afternoon. 20.7 miles- started at the east end of the Greenway on West River Road. It was a blast from the past to ride down to Minnehaha Creek. We climbed the steps down to the trail along the creek, hoping to ride along the creek over to the river. The trail was a total skating rink- barely even walkable. So, we hike a biked back up the steps on the other side of the creek then cut over to Hwy 55. Took the trail along the highway up to downtown, rode over to the river, then took the new Cedar Lake trail extension  next to the Twins Stadium and then back to the Greenway. And, a burger and beer to cap it off at Longfellow Grille. I'll take pictures next time...

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