Saturday, January 14, 2012

Balsa Babyshark rises from the splinters

I'm still holding out hope that the local lakes will freeze over enough to allow for some flying off ice before spring. I'm also holding on to some hope to have my Balsa Babyshark actually fly more than five seconds. It's been nostril freezing cold the last week- and I fabricated some replacement plywood bulkheads and balsa parts for the babyshark. I am a bit concerned that the thrust line isn't where it needs to be. The new motor firewall fit in the old mounting slots in the fuselage, but with all the damage from the last crash the location may have shifted.

If it hits 20 or higher this weekend I'm going to give it another go on Mooney Lake. I don't have too much more patience for this airplane, though. For as infrequently I go out flying now a 130+ mph micro airplane probably isn't very sustainable.

The motor isn't very smooth running at the high end of the RPM band. I tried adjusting the timing and switching frequency on the Hobby King Mystery ESC, but none of the settings really seemed to do anything. 

New firewall, held in place with epoxy

Motor, mounted in

Ready to crash!

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