Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Riding Totals- Here's to 2012!

I've been tracking my miles since '04. Every year right around New Year's I record the DIST2 and zero out each speedometer. It's always a good reminder of how much time I actually put in towards my riding goals for the year.

This year with Elliot in the house I'm going to have to put in a more concentrated effort. He should be old enough by the end of the summer to strap on the back of the big dummy (in a baby seat, of course) and take him out riding.

(example of a Pea Pod on a Big Dummy)

With studded tires, cold weather riding gear and lights I hope to keep on riding to work through the new year. I'm also planning on entering the Dakota 5-0 for 2012- perfect motivation to ramp up the miles. I also really want to improve my technical skills. I don't know if I'm going to have to build a few stunts in the back yard to practice on, but I need to get organized and put some real effort into it.

In any case, here is to a great 2012!

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