Friday, December 9, 2011

Surly Big Dummy all dressed up for winter

I just installed some Nokian Mount and Ground 1.9" 160 studded tires on the Big Dummy. I'm hoping to keep riding in to work, no matter the conditions. I've never tried studded tires before. These things look like they'll make a huge difference. Not only will the studs help, but the rubber is also super tacky and there are wide gaps between the lugs for shedding snow chunks.

I took the liberty of putting the bike on my bathroom scale- standing it up on the rear wheel. With the studded tires and light setup it clocked in at a round 50 pounds. Ouch. No wonder why it was a little tough to get out of the work stand! At least it'll be great training for spring.

Riding to work in the winter beats driving even more than in the summer, at least in my opinion. Every ride is an adventure. Plus, there is nothing like riding home with the trail lit up by your lights and being surrounded by twinkling reflections from each falling snowflake.

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