Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Flying

John and I were able to get out on some fun and destructive flying last night. Key flights include the maiden of my Balsa Baby Shark ( and promptly put it back in the shop ), and John's encounter with the Vortex of Doom with his E-Flite T-34.

Balsa Baby Shark

Looking at the video, I didn't have a very good launch. I did a weak toss better suited for an overpowered beast like my PZ P-51. I didn't dare launch the Babyshark at full throttle- so it was no more than 1/3 throttle during the entire short flight. I think it needs a hard, flat hand launch. Next time I'll also try it during a time when half the pattern isn't into the sun either. Luckily the damage was minor- broken prop, and the forward bulkhead was crushed by the battery. Both easy fixes. 

T-34 Aftermath

John's T-34 might not be quite as easy to fix....

But, I did manage to get the best flight out of my Tricopter yet.


The electronics seem to be pretty well sorted out. The tail rotor yaw mechanism isn't as robust as I'd like, and I also need some better visual markers to tell which way is "front".

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