Monday, June 13, 2011

Tricopter DX6i, AR6110 final setup

After lots of experimentation, I finalized my tricopter setup. I was origionally working from the setup guide on's website. His setup was for Futaba radio systems, and since I am using a Spektrum DX6i and a Spektrum AR6110 receiver my setup turned out to the slightly different.

These settings seem to work fairly well- it's obvious the limitations now are my piloting skills. I really need to attach a body or something so it's easy to tell which end is "front"- it is very easy to lose directional orientation!

NOTE THESE ARE DIFFERENT SETTINGS THAN MY EARLIER BLOG POST!!! I kept the original blog post active for reference only

AR6110 Receiver Connections:
(note gyros are in-line with connections between receiver and ESC or servos)

Channel Receiver Label Servo / ESC
1 Throttle Tail rotor gyro gain
2 Aileron Left rotor ESC
3 Elevator Tail rotor ESC
4 Rudder Tail rotor servo
5 Gear rotor gyro gain (split 3 ways)
6 Aux Right rotor ESC

The tail rotor gain is attached to the Throttle channel. If you had a 7 or more channel radio, you could attach this gain to another auxiliary channel with a seperate switch. Since I only have a DX6i I don't have this luxury. Since the radio is in helicopter mode, you can set your gain using your throttle curve. It's a pain to adjust your gain, but it works. To change your gain you have to adjust the throttle curve across all points- meaning each time you have to change the gain you change each of five location on the throttle curve to the gain setting you want.

DX6i Setup after several somewhat successful flights
(I need to work on my multi-rotor heli skills!)

Adjust List

Throttle Curve (tail servo gyro gain) = 95% (heading hold mode) at all points
intent: if gain is 0-50%, gyro is in rate mode. if it is 50-100%, it is in heading hold mode. The intent here is for the tail servo (yaw) gyro to be in heading hold mode. As far as I understand, lower numbers = higher gyro gain. This setting seems to produce a pretty rock solid heading hold, perhaps a bit of over correction.

Gyro: (gain for the 3 ESC gyros) = 35%. Seems to be fairly stable without too much overcorrection for my setup. Again, keep it under 50% so it is in rate mode, and lower numbers equals more gyro gain. Since the radio is in helicopter mode, the gyro adjust changes the "gear" output on the receiver.

Pitch Curve (normal)
Position Setting
L 0%
2 40%
3 50%
4 70%
H 100%

Dual Rate & Expo
Function Mix
Aileron 80%+20%
Elevator 70%+20%
Rudder 94%+inh

Swash Mix
Function Mix
Aileron +40%
Elevator -40%
Pitch +100%

Setup List

Function Reverse?
Throttle N
Elevator N
Gyro N
Aileron R
Rudder R
Pitch R

Swash Type
CCPM 120 degrees

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  1. Looks fun but I'm not sure, I'm going to need more data :)

    I hope to get a pass for Buckhill Thursday I will let you know when I do.