Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tri-Copter Final Pre-Flight- DX6i & AR6110 setup

NOTE- These were my origional settings, I've since updated the settings and they are posted HERE. These settings listed here may work but I highly recommend using my newer ones as they worked better for me.

The tricopter is finally ready for its maiden flight. I was origionally working from the setup guide on's website. His setup was for Futaba radio systems, and since I am using a Spektrum DX6i and a Spektrum AR6110 receiver my setup turned out to the slightly different. Bear in mind I haven't flow this setup yet, but it passes RCexplorer's recommended setup procedure. The gyro gain controls may not be 100% correct. We'll find out soon....

AR6110 Receiver Connections:
(note gyros are in-line with connections between receiver and ESC or servos)

Channel Receiver Label Servo / ESC
1 Throttle Tail rotor ESC
2 Aileron Left rotor ESC
3 Elevator rotor gyro gain (split 3 ways)
4 Rudder Tail rotor servo
5 Gear Tail rotor gyro gain
6 Aux Right rotor ESC

DX6i Initial Setup
(all based upon recommendations from various users on RCgroups)

Adjust List

Dual Rate & Expo
Function Mix
Aileron 80%+40%
Elevator 60%+20%
Rudder 100%+inh

Swash Mix
Function Mix
Aileron +40%
Elevator -40%
Pitch +100%

Setup List

Function Reverse?
Throttle N
Elevator N
Gyro N
Aileron R
Rudder R
Pitch R

Swash Type
CCPM 120 degrees

Final Picture before 1st Flight

Also before the first flight I purchased a Du-Bro Tru-Spin prop balancer, #499. I initially hesitated paying the money for this tool, but after bringing it home it was obvious it was money well spent. It is a very nice tool, and made in the USA to boot. I'll be balancing all my props and spinners from now on. During some initial tests I was getting a lot of prop / motor vibration so I thought balancing the props would be necessary to keep the gyros happy. It was also vibrating badly enough so the nuts and bolts holding the motor beams in place were vibrating loose.

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