Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Initial Wiring of Single Axis Robot

All of the materials finished arriving yesterday for the single axis robot. This is a work project, essentially building a low-cost semi-automated test machine. I won't get into the exact purpose, but the materials used and programming will be a great stepping stone into a home-built CNC mill / router.

Materials used:
  • 36" ball bearing slide with belt drive system & stepper motor, from e-bay
  • Stepper motor power supply: 16034PS 36V 4.2A, from
  • Stepper drive: Geckodrive G251 from
  • microcontroller: Arduino from hacktronics
  • display: LCD arduino kit from hacktronics
I'm first going to build a prototype system- essentially just a rough out using an old shelf for a mounting panel and some electrical boxes from Home Depot. I'm going to wire everything up, and finish the code. Once I have the system running well, I'll purchase a nice enclosure and make it look like a real piece of equipment.

One interesting thing I found is that the stock knock-outs in the galvanized steel box cover fit the emergency stop panel mount diameter just perfectly.

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