Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Road Ride - finally!

 After slacking on the riding for what feels like months, I finally made time to get out on the roadie. I think this is my first ride to "ride" (other than riding to work) for a couple weeks. I did a nice loop around the west side, 20.6 miles, 16.8 mph average. Not blazing fast, but I was only planning on a nice, moderate paced warm up the legs again ride. It was a great night for riding, plus I tailed a gigantic wild turkey on the Baker Park trails for 25 yards or so. Those things can run!

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My legs felt pretty good. I could tell I hadn't been seriously pushing pedals in a while, but the running definitely helps. Where it really makes a difference is standing up and jamming up hills. No issues there at all.

The weather looks promising for tomorrow- I may take part or all of tomorrow off and put in a 50 or 60 mile LSD ride.


  1. Is an LSD ride real, or is it just a 'trip'.

  2. If today's ride would have been longer I would have been trippin'!