Monday, June 28, 2010

Mt. Kato Race Results

Photos to follow...

Sport Class Results:
5/8 age group
40/79 overall

I felt I gave a pretty good effort. I need to work on my warmups- again, after lap one I felt much better and was able to give it more gas. I also rode more conservatively then necessary in the wet and slippery stuff. Hopefully at least one race this summer will be dry. I'm curious to see if everyone speeds up the same amount, and my relative placement is the same, or if I speed up more than the average racer and place higher.

I had a fun time riding, and most everyone was friendly and also seemed to be having a good time- except for one Freewheel rider. Perhaps he was ultra-focused because everytime I passed him (or visa-versa) there was not a word back from my greetings.

The deep muddy puddles were refreshing to splash through.


  1. Nice job Andy! Some fun mud and not enough to trash the bike... perfect.

    don't worry about the unfriendlies. you must have been putting it to him and he didn't have enough left to talk.

  2. Or maybe it was anoying him that I was making motorcycle noises when I was gaining on him. Is that bad form? ;)