Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speedwing Mark II Foam Cutting

Today I finally started cutting foam for Mark II of the speedwing design. I used John's 30 volt power supply- that got the wire cookin' and it cut through the foam like, well, a hot knife through butter. After cutting the wing sections I tried a number of variations on battery hatches, and I wasn't able to get one to satisfy me. For the hatches I used the band saw as it was easier to get perpendicular cuts through the foam. In the process I made a LOT of scrap foam:

I finally decided to create a new fuselage center section. Each wing half will be bonded to the fuse then the joint reinforced with carbon or spruce spars. After cutting the fuse blank I carefully rounded it using a belt sander.

I'm planning on making a motor mount tray to allow easy interchange of the two possible motors- a 3200kv, and a 1400 kv. In both cases I'll be running a 3s or 4s battery. No 5s or 6s for me!

At the end of the day, it looks like my concept has morphed into a near copy of the Parkzone Stryker. Except it'll probably be a) much more time consuming and b) may not fly as well. But, no matter what, I'll have been an interesting, educational project.


  1. Very cool stuff Andy. I would love to see her in the air. Let me know when you guys go out. Thanks again for the ride yesterday. Great day.

  2. Wow, Andy, that thing is looking pretty cool. Not that your first try was ugly, but this thing makes that one pale in comparison. The fuselage really makes it look like a plane (rather than more of a glider like your other try). I can't wait to see this puppy fly.

  3. Thanks- it was fun sculpting the fuselage with the bandsaw and beltsander. That foam shapes really nicely with sanding tools- I think it'd be fun to make garden sculptures out of it, then cover the foam with concrete to protect it.

  4. Great work on the fuselage. So what is this talk of a 1400kV motor?

  5. I'm building two motor mounts- one for each motor. And yes, I do have a 1400 kV motor. This aircraft will accomidate up to a 10" prop. I'm thinking a big high pitch 9 or 10" prop would do nicely.

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