Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another wing project

I decided to build another flying wing- this time as a craft I could use some old parts from my now-defunct F-35. The F-35 was ok, but I think my powerplant wasn't large enough. I might build another with a more powerful motor setup and also try and adapt the KFM airfoil series to try and get better performance out of it.

I found an interesting set of plans on RCgroups:

This describes how to build a 31" flying wing from flat blucore foam. It's basically a $5 wing. But, this seems a little large for the parts- the motor in question could barely push around the F-35 and that wasn't a large aircraft. I'm going to scale it at 65%, targeting a finished wingspan of 20".

Maybe it'll be ready for a first flight at Josh's house Friday night...

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