Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flying Wing Neutral Point & Center of Gravity (CG) location

Next, I had to find the CG location on the wing in order to start placing components. I found this flying wing design website via google:

It outlines a pretty easy process for finding your neutral point and center of gravity for both straight (plank) flying wings and swept / tapered wings.

I used the formula and method for the swept / tapered wing. From the listed formulas to find the mean chord length and location of mean chord length, you simply draw a perpendicular line back from the chord/4 length from the leading edge at the mean chord loction back to the wing root. This locates your neutral point. (NP) The CG should be placed just ahead of the NP location.

My results for the 40" wing:
Mean Chord: 9.44" C/4=2.4"
Mean Chord Location: 8.38" from wing root

Then, graphically solving on the wing, the NP is 6.75" back from the leading edge.

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