Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stratasys UPrint SE Plus material container

Stratasys's Uprint SE PLUS is a great entry level "pro" 3D FDM printer. One minor annoyance is the printer comes with foil zip-lock bags for storing filament that isn't in use. When you have a team using the printer, and you've got a collection of colors, the foil bags make managing your filament inconvenient.Solutions that might work for hobby-level machines - such as putting the spools together into 5 gallon sealed buckets - won't work for the Stratasys as each spool has a keyed computer chip that must stay with the individual spool.

Sterilite makes a food container that works perfectly to store the filament spools. Sterilite's 03186606 food storage container seems almost custom-made to hold filament spools for the Uprint SE PLUS. The spool fits nice and snug in the container, and it has a rubber sealed top to seal out moisture.

These are sold at many retail outlets, and are also available at Buy at Amazon here.

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