Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Redneck Canoe Thwart Fix

I have an ancient fiberglass canoe that I am "storing" for my brother. The Thwarts (or cross braces) were getting pretty rotten, and one had basically fallen off. The braces probably were not original equipment- they looked with 1/4's cut to length and screwed in. Since this canoe isn't a show piece and is only used occasionally, I thought I'd try something really cheap and easy for Thwart replacements.

Rotten Thwart! (cross-brace- not a yoke)
All ready for new Thwarts
I decided to try using EMT tubing- or galvanized steel conduit. It's super cheap- 5' long 1/2" diameter EMT tubing was less than $1.50 at the local Home Depot.

Step 1: Measure the stock Thwarts and cut the EMT to length with a hack saw

Step 2: Smash the ends flat- I used a combination of a big bench vise and a hammer. My bench vice has a built-in anvil. Everyone needs an anvil!

Getting ready to smash
Squishing with vice
Finishing the job with a hammer
Nice and flat

Step 3: Drill holes in the end for fastening hardware. I used M5 x 25mm stainless hardware, since I had some available.

Hole Drilled

Step 4: Install and go paddle!

Installed and ready to go!

Obviously these replacement EMT Thwarts are not strong enough to use as a portaging yoke, but they are certainly strong enough to hold the canoe sides in place.

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