Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Improved filament guide, part 2

I'm a little obsessed with making the filament feed system on my MendelMax as perfect as possible. I've had lots of problems with tangled filaments in the past, and it seems as though a lower-friction feed system should also improve part quality.  The last round of improvements helped, but there were still a couple places where the filament was exposed to sliding friction. I have a bunch of big parts I'm printing for the new delta robot build, and I want to eliminate problems before I waste a lot of filament printing junk.

So, I decided to go crazy with 608 sealed bearings- they are cheap, and I have a bunch left over from the original MendelMax build. I replaced the right-hand side guide post on the upper guide with a bearing, and created a new lower guide with two bearings.

New upper filament guide

New lower filament guide
So far the new guides seem to work great. No tangles yet, and I'm printing a new set of parts for the delta robot build right now.

I posted the files on Thingiverse:

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