Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Delta Bot #4: Heated Build Platform + Initial Electronics

Next up on the delta robot 3D printer- cutting out the plywood for the build platform, and initial electronics installation.

I picked up a 2'x4' 1/2" plywood handipanel from home depot for the build platform. I decided to cut out a 14" circular platform. I used a scrap piece of wood with two holes drilled in it to trace out a circle- pinning the center with a drill bit.

Tracing the outline
Circular plywood platform cut out- trial fitting
I used 4-40 blind nuts set into the bottom of the platform to fasten the heated bed in place

4-40 Blind nut pulled into place
Under the heated bed I placed two layers of cork tile- totaling about 3/8" in height. The cork will insulate the bottom of the heated bed and hopefully help it heat up faster and maintain a constant temp during print jobs. The heated bed is held in place with 4x 1" 4-40" SHCS, with a printed spacer and a 4-40 washer between the bottom of the bed and the top of the plywood platform.

Everything bolted into place
Next step was to wire the endstop switches. I had a big spool of CAT 5e cable in the garage- perfect. It has enough individual wire strands for all three endstops and another two left over.

Endstop with wire soldered and heat shrink in place

I drew up and printed some wire clips that snap into the Makerslide aluminum extrusion. I'll upload the models to Thingiverse as soon as the site is back up. 
Makerslide wire clip

UPS brought some goodies this week- a RAMPS FD printer driver board. I'm hoping to plug it into a UDOO dual core board, and use the assembly as an all-in-one printer controller & driver. 

RAMPS FD out of the anti-static bag. I'm digging the side connectors for the stepper motors. 

Dual core UDOO

All plugged together and ready to roll
Next up, actually getting something to move...


  1. Hey Andy,

    I've got a working Wolfstock and have been following you design/build. It definitely looks nice! Question...What firmware are you planning to use?

    Brian (cpdude on Thingiverse and RCG)

    1. I'm planning on using Repetier-firmware. I used Marlin on my MendelMax with good results, but I'm curious if Repetier-firmware plays well with Repetier-Host which I use.