Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Initial Q450 Quad flight while recording FPV video

I received the replacement component video recorder yesterday, and was able to get the video input/output cableing sorted out. One thing I quickly learned was that 4 pole 3.5mm plugs (looks like headphone plugs but with one additional pole) do not have a standard pin-out. I'm going to have to manually take apart the cables and re-wire several of the poles to permanently fix my cable setup, but until then I'm just inserting the plugs partially into the sockets on the recorder. It's very hack but it's working. 

The initial flight was a line of site (LOS) flight indoors. Moral of the story- don't be messing with your auto-level settings while at the same time trying to pilot a quad around near the ceiling.

The crash looked bad, but the only damage was one broken landing gear leg. A little CA + UV cure glue and it's good as new. Maybe better, as now it has a nice fillet at the joint.

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