Saturday, November 10, 2012

9:zero:7 First Ride!

After much deliberation, I picked up a new mountain bike last week- a 9:zero:7 fatbike.

I took Friday afternoon off to get in some dirt rides before the snow flies. I decided to hit some trails I'd probably be riding after we see some snow- the Minnesota River Bottoms and Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. The River Bottoms were a blast from the past- I haven't been down there in over 10 years. It was surprisingly warm- I ended up riding in shorts and a long sleeve jersey.

The new bike was great- handled really well, unlimited cornering traction, and a nice smooth ride. It also was great on the loose sandy sections- just floated right over them and tracked straight and true. Overall I'm very happy with it so far. I hope to have lots of great adventures with this bike. I still have to get the ergos dialed in. I'm going to exchange the post for a setback Thomson- I currently have the seat jammed as far back as it can go. They Thomson's 440mm length will also help- the stock seatpost is 1/4" over the maximum extension markings.

Lake Rebecca was surprisingly not bad. I've never ridden there just because I've never heard anything good about it. While it is totally non-technical, there is lots of climbing. If anything it reminded me of Lebanon Hills before MORC came in- lots of steep up and downs, straight up and down the side of the hills. There is lots of space and vertical relief at Lake Rebecca, so if Three Rivers Park District ever decides to improve the riding there, they could really put in a sweet trail.

9 zero 7 first ride (2)

9 zero 7 first ride (4)

9 zero 7 first ride (3)

9 zero 7 first ride (5)

9 zero 7 first ride (1) 


  1. I was googling a photo of the bike I just bought today to show my wife. It looks like we have matching bikes (except for the darryl rims i got). The second thing I noticed is that the background in your photos really looked familiar.

    Maybe I'll see you around the river bottoms some time :)

    Congrats on your bike!


  2. Thanks- I'll be looking for another orange 9:zero:7! I don't get down to the river bottoms much. Maybe I will this winter with the new bike.

  3. This ride looks like a ton of fun. I haven't been on blogspot in a while, but I'm glad to see you're still getting out there. I can't wait to get in some snow miles together. And I can't wait to see the bike!