Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turnigy Talon V2 Build: Part 4, New Landing Gear

The Talon V2 kit for the most part is great. However, it suffers from one annoying design flaw. The landing skids are attached to the motor mounts, so every time you make a less-than-perfect landing, the motor mounts twist on the carbon rods. Once the mounts twist, the motors are no longer aligned and the quad stops flying straight.

So, I removed the stock landing skids and zip-tied on the heli skid set from my old tricopter. 


  1. Hello, can you tell me the exact model and dimensions of your heli landing skid? My turnigy talon quadcopter is desperately in need of one. Thanks

    1. Sorry- I ordered those skids quite along time ago and I don't have the order information anymore. They were from just search their website and look at the specs for the largest helicopter skids you can find.