Wednesday, March 9, 2011

P-51BL Upgrade & Tricopter Update

Parkzone P-51BL structural upgrade
Over the life of my Parkzone P-51BL I've gone through two fuselages, and I'm now on my third. The previous two had failed multiple times just forward of the leading edge of the wing. I think they broke as a result of wildly overpowering the airframe, vibrational fatigue, and repeated impacts from hard landings. So, before I started flying fuselage #3 I thought I'd add some additional reinforcement. Next time it'll fail somewhere else... Part of the problem might be to fit the larger 2200 mAh batteries, I had to carve out a fair amount of foam.

I glued in several pieces of 1/8" liteply to the bottom and sides of the battery compartment. I also moved the velcro battery straps rearward and placed them under the plywood. So far, the modifications appear to work well. No breaks yet and the battery is securely held in place.

Tricopter Update
The wiring harness is almost done... I just finished the wiring harness to allow the main battery to first initialize the gyros via a UBEC, then once they are running the second switch will supply power to the ESC's for flight. Next step is to build a wiring harness to connect all of the gyro gain controls together. (the JST connector is for the UBEC)

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