Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend's Rides

Saturday: dirt @Murphy: 30.1 miles 11.1 average.
Fantastic ride. The first lap was a little tough, I didn't feel put together and the singletrack wasn't flowing. After getting warmed up, the second and third laps felt great. By the end of the third I was getting tired. Mostly my arms. I'm planning on adding more core exercises and some basic arms for the gym workout for August. One weird effect of the longer mountain ride- I was craving and literally smelling Ho-Hos by the end of the 3rd lap. Is that normal?

Mmmm, Ho Hos!

Josh reminded me of the BBQ- I was planning on grilling after Thursday's ride at Leb but the possibility of burning some tasty brats after Saturday's ride slipped my mind. It was probably better I didn't bring it with, though, since I needed to help move stuff out of the duplex immediately after I returned home.

Sunday: pavement 24 miles 16.1 ave
Nice tool about town, first cruised over to the new Sport Hut off of Hwy 55 and 24. I initially didn't like their new location, but I'm warming to it. Even though their new digs don't seem as nice to me as their old place, their employees are friendly and seem to know what they are talking about. I had to pick up a couple road tubes before I really started my ride- I was clean out of tubes from all my flats lately. Next I headed over to the Wayzeta High School to check out suitability for flying. Wouldn't you know it, the Plymouth Elm Creek Playfields are hidden behind the school. There must be at least 10 soccer fields- and no light poles. Perfect flying location. I'll have to check it out. Then I looped west on Schmidt Lake Road to Old Rockford Road to Hamel Road. None of these have good shoulders, but there was interrupted sections of bike trail to hop between and traffic was light. Once on Hamel Road I was able to cruise west to 19, south through Baker Park, then back on 24.

Overall my legs felt surprisingly good. After yesterday's effort I thought they'd be dead tired. My average speed was lower than usual, but that may have been from riding around Plymouth and dealing with stop lights.

After the ride I tried a new recovery drink- chocolate malted Ovaltine in skim milk. I don't know if it's effective, but it tastes good and has tons of vitamins. It has to be better for you than my usual Nestle Quik.

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  1. I've often smelled ho-hos when riding behind you...