Friday, June 27, 2014 Carbon Wheels Initial Review

The Light-Bicycle carbon hoops showed up about a month after ordering. They were packed really well in a surprisingly small box. They seemed to be very true and round, and spoke tension seemed even. 

The box was a little beat up....

But the wheels seemed well protected.

I chose the new 29" "hookless" style rim, standard black bladed spokes, blue alloy nipples, and Hope Evo2 hubs. Customer service was great, they responded very quickly to e-mails. Make sure to send them a message and clarify exactly which rim you want- they seem to have once set of choices for rim only, and one set for pre-built wheels.

Check the hookless profile

Weights: (bare wheels, w/o tape)
686g front
813g rear

I applied Stan's tape, Stan's valve stem & sealant, and they seated just fine with a set of Maxis Ikon tires- using a floor pump. So far so good, although they've only been off road once because of all the wet weather. 

Qualitatively they seem zippier and easier to accelerate.... I have yet to ride anything technical on them and I'm curious how they feel in rock gardens and hard corners. 

New bling!

Mounted and ready to ride!

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