Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FPV Camera - fixing connector

For the camera, I chose a 1/3 inch Sony CCD unit, also from Hobbyking. FPV_CCDN

Again, it's a bargain priced unit, but it should do the job at least for my first adventures in FPV. One funny thing about this camera is that the cable socket on the board comes installed incorrectly from the factory- it's reversed. If you plug it in as shipped you run the risk of immediately burning out the camera electronics. Another Q/C FAIL for Hobbyking. The way it's shipped the battery "+" wire is connected to the camera "V-out". Luckily the discussion boards on Hobbyking's website are full of descriptions of how to fix it. Some advocate re-wiring the wire harness, some just to flip the connector on the circuit board. I chose the simple route and just flipped the connector.

Luckily, it's an easy enough fix. Just pull the white cable connector right off the board- gently pry it up or pull straight up if you have strong fingers. It isn't glued to the board. 

Board after connector is pulled off

Then,straighten out the pins the best you can, turn the connector back around, and press it back on. Take extra care to align the pins with the holes in the back of the connector.

Zoomed view showing re-applied connector orientation

Connector re-applied, and cable attached

White = "V-Out", Black = "-", Red = "+"

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