Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Radio Glitch

Lesson: Never ignore glitchy radio behavior!

My new DX8 radio failed earlier this week- it suddenly refused to connect to any receivers and wouldn't re-bind even after multiple attempts. It's sitting in a box right now waiting to get sent back to Horizon Hobby for service.

So, rather than waste a beautiful still evening after completing the night's yard work, I bound my DX5 to the Icon and walked down to the lake for a few flights. At the end of the second flight I bobbled a landing, and cartwheeled the aircraft across the water. No apparent harm- but just before takeoff on the next battery the elevator channel started behaving very strangely. I pulled the model back to shore, disconnected the battery, and reconnected. It seemed to be fine.... Rather than call it a day to let everything dry out thoroughly, I taxied out for another flight. After a couple circuits around the lake, bam! It went to full down elevator, and into the water it went.

The gorilla glue is curing right now, but the next flight there will be no ignoring any odd behavior. I also have the electronics soaking in a glass full of Corrosion X. Hopefully that'll also help prevent any future problems!

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